SS60-S Tube Scarf Slide


Austin Accents Silver Tube Scarf Slide SS60-S

Here is a lovely scarf slide that will hold your neck garment in place and add a special fancy touch to your scarves. If you need something to hold a scarf in place without having to knot it up, this simple and sophisticated looking wrap around feather scarf slide will do the trick.

The simple, unique and elegant design is perfect to match any outfit. A delicate exquisite and elegant new year or Valentines Day present for your girlfriends, lovers, wife, family, friends and all ladies you love. Beautifully crafted. Real western look, great and very popular decoration on scarves or wild rags. Scarf Slide for Western Wear, Leathercrafts, Bolo Necklace, Wild Rags, Buckles, etc.

  • Scarf Slide
  • Austin Accents
  • Style Number: SS60-S
  • Silver
  • Printed Design
  • Tube Design

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