KF-04B Knife Case 4″ Basketweave


Austin Accents 4″ Folding Knife Case KF-04B Black Basket Weave

This knife case has a belt clip design on the back, which is wearable and more convenient when going out. Putting the Knife Sheath on the belt allows you to quickly access the knife or other items, which is very convenient. A unique design that can become a fashion item. It can be used as a gift for friends and family on various holidays and anniversaries. This belt pocket knife sheath allows you to carry your small knife, pocket knife, folding knife or similar tools on your belt. Easy on and off from the belt case. Keeps knife always within reach when you need it.

  • 4″ Folding knife sheath
  • Folding Knife Case
  • KF-04B
  • Basket Weave
  • Black
  • Velcro Closing
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Austin Accents

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