HH03LAC #4 Scalloped Horsehair Hatband


Scalloped Horsehair Hat band Aztec Concho HH03LAC #4

Dress up your hat with a Chestnut and Turquoise Scalloped Horsehair & aztec Conchos Hat Band. This scalloped horsehair hat band will add pop to an old hat or a personal touch to stand out with a new hat.The scalloped horsehair edge and aztec concho design gives this band a look that is sure to stand out. This beauty has two horsehair tassels that are adjustable to most hat sizes. A true stunning hat band that will book extremely distinctive on all of your cowboy hat. This is a real winner, so don’t pass this one buy!

  • Scalloped Horsehair
  • Hat Band
  • Austin Accents
  • Silver Aztec Conchos
  • Chestnut and Turquoise
  • HH03LAC #4

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