DS514XL Suspenders Tan


1 1/2″ Bay Apache Tan Crease Suspenders DS514

Sleek in its clean design, this bay apache suspender speaks just loud enough to accommodate a variety of silhouettes stylishly. The solid color and brass clasps makes it a well-dressed man’s must have. Enjoy a good fit with our high quality clasps that grip on securely without unintentional unbuckling. Solid, timeless and classic design is perfect for work, prom, wedding or enhanced a casual look.


Brass hardware add a sophisticated touch to this timeless suspenders and to your outfit.  These bay apache suspenders are great for trousers, jeans, pants and shorts alike as well as perfect for all occasions like wedding and ring bearer outfits, dance groups, work attire, school functions like band, choir, and orchestra. And so many more special occasions and events

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