RW9TRD-CJ42 CJ9th Round


Resistol Cody Johnson CJ 9TH Round USA Made 3X Felt Cowboy Hat

Resistol presents another classic Cody Johnson Cowboy Hat. His collection of cowboy hats have become as popular as his music, and it’s easy to see why. Saddle up and hang on tight! The classic black wool cowboy hat of the Cody Johnson Line from Resistol, you are sure to hang on for 8! This hat features a 4 5/8 inch biggs crown, 4 1/4 inch brim and a monochromatic ribbon band all the way around. Each hat also comes affixed with an original Cody Johnson hat pin.

  • 3X Quality
  • 4 1/4″ Brim
  • 4 5/8″ Biggs Crown
  • Black Ribbon Hatband
  • Style #RW9TRD-CJ42
  • Made in the USA