Blazin Roxx 37901 Sunburst Buckle


Blazin Roxx Antiqued Silver Diamond Sunburst Buckle 37901

​Blazin Roxx  brings a flare to Western, wear it knowing you look great. Uniquely suited to western taste, Blazin Roxx is is a leading brand in creative western jewelry. Shop Blazin Roxx for stunning belts, purses, necklaces, and more to illuminate any outfit.​

Beautifully designed buckle by M&F Western Products. Oval buckle with a diamond and sunbursts in the center surrounded by small engraved arrows and diamonds.

  • ​Antiqued Silver
  • Diamond Sunburst
  • Scalloped
  • Oval
  •  3.25″ x ​2.75″
  • Style Number: 37901

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