Minnetonka 1121 Pink Front Strap Bootie


Minnetonka Moccasin Infant Front Strap Bootie 1121

Comfort plus Velcro® makes this an easy on, easy off fringe bootie must-have.
The super soft suede and fully padded insole are so comfortable that your child will never want to take them off. When they finally do come off, the Velcro strap will make it ultra-easy. The durable soft suede sole protects little toes while the front strap holds the foot for a perfect stay-on fit.

he toddler fringe booties are made to stretch to the contours of your baby’s feet and wear pattern over time, ensuring that each pair of baby soft booties with Velcro strap fit snugly and getting more comfortable as your baby wears them

  • Soft Suede Leather
  • Fringe Detail with Velcro® Closure
  • Padded Insole
  • Suede softsole
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