04026 Extra Long Boot Hooks


M&F Extra Long Boot Hooks with Natural Handle 04026

When it’s not easy to pull up your favourite boots, don’t despair, just get these extra long boot hooks. Just latch on to the boot pull tabs and you’re all set. Have a hard time getting your boots on? If it takes a painful effort to get your boots on whether the cause is arthritis, hip pain, or pregnancy, these fancy Boot Hooks have come in to save the day.

These hooks are used to easily hook around the pull tabs of your shoes and gently pull them on! Boot Hooks are metal hooks with wooden handles and are designed to aid in pulling on boots.

  • Wooden handles with metal surround to improve grip
  • Metal hooks with slim rounded ends
  • Makes a great gift!
  • 13″ Boot Hooks
  • M&F
  • Extra Long

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